Speaking ASQAneese

Your guide to understanding questions asked by ASQA in your RTO audit.

Do you need help deciphering the language of ASQA?

ASQA auditors speak their own language.

We have the ultimate translation guide.

This webinar will give you a straightforward understanding of what the auditor is really asking. Covering the questions asked around Training and Assessment Strategy Questions, Governance, Resourcing, Industry Engagement, Assessment, Trainers/Assessors, Continuous Improvement, Marketing and Learner Support, giving you the interpretation of these questions. Helping you understand and prepare for your own ASQA audit.

Your trainer and facilitator

Joe Newbery

VET Industry Expert

Joe Newbery commenced working in the VET sector in 1996 as a recruit instructor in the Australian Army. Joe has delivered trade training, designed and developed small and large scale training programs and has developed numerous units of competence and qualifications within current industry training packages.

With clients that range from Mum & Dad operations to some of Australia’s largest corporations, Joe takes a personal and professional approach to tailoring his services to meet client’s needs. Newbery Consulting was established in 2005 out of direct requests for consulting services from Joe based on his reputation. It has now grown to be a nationally recognised provider of quality VET compliance products and services. Our range of RTO products are some of the most widely used commercial compliance products in Australia.

In addition to private consulting services, Joe is also an external Lead Auditor in training compliance.

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Feel confident in your next ASQA audit

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