Supporting Nationally Recognised and Non-Accredited training, RTO Data Cloud allows you to capture and generate reports that are compliant with AVETMISS, CRICOS and State training subsidies.


Supporting Nationally Recognised and Non-accredited training, RTO Data Cloud allows you to capture and generate the information you need for AVETMISS, CRICOS and State training subsidy reporting and compliance management. The data fields within RTO Data Cloud are intuitively design based on our in-depth knowledge and understanding of how RTO operates. You are assisted by fields which prevent entering incorrect data and will dramatically reduce your reporting errors, as well as a missing AVETMISS data report to ensure you have captured all required data. There is also a comprehensive guide available within the system that explains the complexities of the reporting requirements and how to use data fields. The team at RTO Data Cloud is in constant communication with State funding authorities and the NCVER to ensure that our software remains current and we are at the leading edge of future developments and changes occurring within the National VET data policy. We are committed to ensure that your reporting is compliant and easy to complete.

CRICOS Information Management

RTO Data Cloud provides you the capability to manage your mandatory information in support of international student education. This includes the capability to capture information in regard to student enrolments, CoE issuance, welfare information, course variations and many more capabilities.

Compliance Management

RTO Data Cloud provides your organisation the ability to create a compliance management framework of your choice. We provide a predesigned quality management framework for the Standards for RTOs 2015. This includes all standards and clauses and allows the user to schedule a review, link documents, manage quality improvement and monitor compliance status. Your organisation also has the capability to fully document and manage complaints and appeals which also links to the quality improvement system. This, combined with document management, quality improvement, trainer management, meeting management and much more, your organisation will be well placed to demonstrate your compliance in the system designed by Newbery Consulting.