Website Integration

RTO Data Cloud integrates seamlessly within your website via our API Library to support online enrolments, publish course marketing details, course calendar and collect online enrolments.


Marketing directly to your website, RTO Data Cloud integrates with your website via our free API library to support online enrolments, publish course details, course calendar, and collect online enrolments. Cut down on the data entry by automating the collection of your enrolment information via an online form.  Your RTO will need to engage with a website developer for the free API to be easily installed, allowing your web developer to program and display your marketing information the way you want. Once this is set up, don’t waste time managing marketing information in multiple locations. Instead, manage your course information, pre-enrolment documents, courses schedule all within RTO Data Cloud and this information will be instantaneously updated to your website to ensure that your learners have access to the most current information available.

Online Enrolments

RTO Data Cloud allows learners to enrol into courses online via your website. The data is automatically imported into the system, saving time on data entry. The enrolment forms can be allocated to a training plan, giving you the flexibility to have various enrolment forms for different courses offered on your website, and allowing you to capture specific data from learners that are enrolling into a particular training plan.

Course Calendar

RTO Data Cloud provides the ability to schedule courses according to the RTOs desired date and location. Using the RTO Data Cloud API, these scheduled courses can then be displayed on your website Course Calendar including the course name, specific location, start and end dates, allowing prospective students to register into the course at a time and place suited to them. A scheduled course is created by using a course training plan and simply designating the unique information about your planned course to advertise this information to the public and to assist in administering learners. This is a powerful marketing tool that streamlines your marketing and enrolment process.