The RTO Data Cloud E-Learning system is accessible within the one system, allowing you to fully integrate your RTOs learning and student management software, anywhere, anytime.

Learner Management System

Learn at anytime, anywhere with the benefits of the RTO Data Cloud E-learning system. Our Learner Management System [LMS] allows RTOs to design, develop and deliver online learning. This includes the capability to create a learning and assessment structure mapped to your units of competency, a variety of learning and assessment activities including videos, multiple-choice, true and false, short answer response, drag-and-drop, align the response, projects, document upload, and many more. The learning management system allows you to deploy online learning within the one system without any need to integrate an external learning management software. Your learners will be logging in and undertaking their learning in the one system and their results will be automatically updated to their competency outcome. You can set activity prerequisites to ensure that learners progress through the learning and assessment pathway as design. RTO Data Cloud LMS also includes SCORM capability [versions 1.2 and 2004] with player functionality, allowing you to upload SCORM file sets and integrate these within your LMS modules for enhanced learner experience.  The RTO Data Cloud E-learning system is unique in the Australian trading market, offering a fully integrated learning and student management software.

Trainer Portal

Trainers and assessors can track learner progress and provide learners with live outcomes, feedback, and documentation within their own trainer portal. The trainer portal is intuitive and provides the trainer with a list of learning and assessment activities that learners have submitted requiring their attention, where they can review the learners responses to tasks and provide feedback to assist the learner in progressing with their online learning. Trainers can also easily track their learners progress in their online course and ensure that they are meeting their expected targets. Trainers can utilise assessor guides to support the reliability of assessment and to provide a benchmark for assessment tasks. Whilst objective assessment tasks will be automatically marked by the learning management software, subjective assessment tasks such as written response questions, document uploads and projects will be available to the trainer to assess and record assessment outcomes. These assessment outcomes will automatically update the learner’s competency record. The trainer may also communicate with learners from within the trainer portal via email, SMS or through the systems messaging service. The trainer dashboard flags action items and provides easy access to monitor all allocated learner progress.

Online Course Design

RTO Data Cloud gives you the capability to design VET courses using a competency-based training assessment model to suit your intended target learner and industry clients. Starting with the selection of units of competency into a training plan, you can structure the course either unit by unit, using unit clustering or a totally holistic design with units of competency mapping. The system allows you to create learning or assessment modules aligned to one unit of competency and create dependent learning and assessment activities and tasks. These activities can be objectively designed using tasks such as multiple-choice, true and false, fill in the blanks, table response, defined answer, et cetera and subjectively designed activities using upload tasks to enable project response, case studies, assignments, et cetera. You can also enrich your online learning and assessment with uploaded images, video and documents. You can set prerequisites to require students to complete learning or assessment tasks before moving on in the course. You can also provide benchmark responses to trainers and assessors using our guides function. The course design function uniquely caters for competency-based training and assessment delivered online with units of competency mapped to the learning and assessment modules which enable your student results to update automatically when activities are satisfactorily completed.