RTO Management

A cloud-based RTO Student Management System that provides RTOs the capability to manage their training operation and meet all National and State reporting and compliance obligations.

Student Management

RTO Data Cloud’s Student Management System allows you to manage the complexities of student enrolments and training administration to ensure Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) meet all National and State reporting and compliance obligations. This includes managing your enrolments as individual students or as a cohort. You can prepare and administer tailored training plans for repeat enrolment of your client groups to reduce unnecessary repetitive administration. You can also design and issue customised certificates and transcripts ensuring these are not only compliant but best reflect your brand. RTO Data Cloud also gives you the capability to schedule your planned courses for future enrolments based on the planned dates, capped student numbers and delivery location.


RTO Data Cloud can send SMS and emails to learners and other contacts within the system. Create your own email templates with our library of short codes and add images and attachments. You can send your own custom emails or automate customised emails to learners with our built-in email templates to confirm their online enrolment, issue certificates, et cetera.

You may like to send an internal message to online learners or other system users. Internal messaging is particularly useful in the delivery of online learning and enables automated messages to report assessment outcomes to learners and to notify assessors of completed assessment submissions. You can also notify learners and other system users of internal messages via SMS or email with customisable email templates.

You can also create tasks with due dates and assign them to staff members relating to compliance activities, professional development, course administration. RTO Data Cloud is more than a learner management system it is a communications platform.

Training Organisation Management

RTO Data Cloud has an extensive training organisation management system, allowing your organisation to create, update and monitor staff documents, policies, resources, manage meetings and events as well as manage entities such as partners, agents, and contractors. Training organisation management allows you to schedule and conduct meetings including management meetings, quality improvement meetings, training meetings or any other type of meeting. This includes recording minutes, attaching documents and recording attendances. Document management is a powerful capability that allows your organisation to manage document version control, set document review deadlines, associate documents with compliance requirements and many more capabilities. You can also create and maintain a record of associated entities that you deal with including partners, contractors, clients entities, et cetera. You can schedule and record professional development activities to maintain an accurate record of your trainer currency and professional development.