In System Support

User support and training is important to us.

We offer support and training as an unlimited service. We provide help screens with instructions and tutorial videos within the system. All system support and training is available for any system user to access.

Help Screens

Help screens are available throughout the system on ever page.

Wherever you are in the system, you’ll find a help icon which
displays a pop-up help screen relevant to the area of the
system you are working in. It will also point out any other help
screens that might be relevant to that area. These help
screens act as an instruction manual and has been carefully
broken down in easy-to-follow sections.


Tutorial videos are available for all system users to access.

Our system includes built-in tutorial videos that users can
access on demand. These tutorials cover areas of the system
you may require further help with, such as how to add a new
enrolment, or course, build a report or design your certificate

Unlimited Support & Training

System support and training are available to all users.

Our client support team is available from 9am to 4pm,
Monday to Friday via email. Our client support team have
an average response rate of approximately 30 – 60
minutes. All requests are responded to via email or phone,
depending on the request.

Our client training support sessions are available as many
times as you need. If your RTO has a new staff member and
you wish to offer them user support and training, please
contact us to arrange a suitable session time. We also offer
custom training sessions, allowing your organisation to
compile a list of questions regarding areas that may need
extra support and training.